In The News This Week…June 25

5 Traits of Successful People

by Timothy Sykes

“Attaining success is not simply a matter of luck. It’s a matter of taking the time to learn a trade, applying your knowledge and sticking with it — even in the face of adversity and potential failure along the way.While successful people come in all shapes and sizes and work in many different fields, they tend to share key character traits which help them get and stay ahead.”


3 Strategies For Developing Innovative Thinking

by Bryan Collins

“How do people find new and innovative ideas? This is a question American writer and professor Isaac Asimov spend years wrestling. In a 1959 essay, On Creativity, he concluded, ‘One way of investigating the problem is to consider the great ideas of the past and see just how they were generated.'”


If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It?

by Dorie Clark

“Even with limited time and the same amount of responsibilities, it’s far easier to think strategically if you can clear the decks by doing simple things such as writing down all of your outstanding tasks in one place, so you can properly triage them and aren’t constantly interrupted by the feeling that you forgot something.”


5 Job Interview Questions That Reveal What a Candidate Has Really Accomplished

by Jeff Haden

“Some job interviewers (including CEOs) take a fairly unusual approach to interview questions, and most job interviews involve the most common questions and answers. Yet most job interviews also include at least a few questions designed to reveal not just what a candidate thinks, but what he or she has actually done: Goals achieved, skills attained, situations encountered, actions taken.”


How to go above and beyond at work without being a pushover

by Kat Boogaard

“There’s a pencil-thin line between taking initiative and simply being taken advantage of. Your desire to knock things out of the park makes it easy for your colleagues to not pull their own weight.”