In The News…November 26

Stop Trying to Pretend That You’re Perfect

by David Meltzer

“Vulnerability is simply the courage to be yourself, “warts and all,” a core component of effective leadership. Leaders who try to portray themselves as invulnerable or perfect will soon find that their message does not resonate with their team. Not only that, but a façade of invulnerability is a defense which attracts attacks from others. Vulnerability means living in authenticity.”


What Is Your Intent? Reminding Yourself Why You Do What You Do.

by Mallika Chopra

“Research shows that the most successful and resilient people are driven by a sense of purpose. However, for many of us, everyday work can become routine and boring, or totally overwhelming and stressful. Reminding ourselves of our deeper aspirations (our intents) can help find new passion and purpose in our work, or help us admit that it is time to make a change.”


What To Look for When Interviewing a Candidate

by Anne Tomkinson

“It is HR’s responsibility to guide hiring managers in making good hiring decisions. We need to call out a hiring manager’s bias, and we need to ensure that hiring managers are looking at the right criteria in their decision making. We need to help hiring managers look beyond a candidate’s ability to interview so they can accurately gauge that candidate’s ability to succeed in the job.”


Are You Sacrificing for Your Work, or Just Suffering for It?

by Gianpiero Petriglieri

“The constant pressure, the long working hours, the frequent flying, the endless stream of email are all part of staying on top of the job. Is it worth it? they’ll ask. Some days it’s hard to tell. But it feels foolish to give up. Could you afford it? What would people think? What would happen after? And what if you’re the problem, really? After all, things might improve if you just, well, worked a little harder.”


18 Proven Ways to Stay Focused That Increase Productivity

by Deep Patel

“Do you ever think how amazing it would be to do everything you set out to do each day, so you could relax and know you’ve accomplished your daily goals? However, we often face a mountain of work and feel overwhelmed and unproductive. By day’s end, we throw in the towel, feeling defeated by our to-do list. Take charge of your time and energy, and learn what to focus on and what to let go.”