In The News This Week…April 1

7 Myths About Discipline You Need to Stop Believing

by Deep Patel

“We’re told that only through strict discipline can we maintain our effort and make the strides necessary to be successful. Without self-discipline, we’re sure to end up acting imprudently and impulsively. Living a disciplined life is the key to keeping ourselves in check. But what if discipline isn’t as important as we’ve been led to believe?”


Do These Things to Avoid Burnout from Taking Over Your Life

by Tero Isokauppila

“But there’s a third type, and it’s the one responsible for that sneaking feeling of exhaustion when you’ve had one too many stress-filled days. It’s called chronic stress, and it comes from repeated stressors like a tough job or an unhappy home life. Our bodies aren’t the best at dealing with chronic stress, so this can cause serious negative health effects if left unchecked.”


6 Habits Of Employees That Get Promoted

by Ashira Prossack

“Showcase your leadership abilities even if you aren’t in a management role. The more you act like a leader, the easier it will be for your manager to envision you in a position of leadership. The key is to demonstrate the qualities of a leader, not to boss people around.”


5 Ways to Leave Your Work Stress at Work

by Sabina Nawaz

“Communicate — appropriately. When you’re not fully present at home because you’re distracted by work, your family might interpret your lack of attention to mean that you don’t value them or that they did something wrong. Instead, be transparent about what’s going on.”


3 Ways to Create a Work Environment That Nurtures Trust

by Sonia Thompson

“Trust is a cornerstone of building a team that functions in this manner. But you don’t automatically start trusting people just because you’re on the same team or share the same workspace. Trust is built and nurtured over time.”