In the News This Week…April 15

Why Mindfulness Is a Must-Have Mental Skill

by Malachi Thompson

“What is mindfulness? A framework highly used by therapists globally to help individuals manage mental illness, mindfulness is finally starting to receive recognition for its effectiveness in creating a peak performance mindset. Widely used by elite athletes, it is increasingly being adopted by c-suite managers as a contemplation skill to increase resilience, reduce stress, and regain clarity and focus.”


5 Questions to Ask When Starting a New Job

by Michael D. Watkins

“The actions you take during your first few months in a new job have a major impact on your success or failure. Build positive momentum early on and it will propel you through your tenure. Make some early missteps and you could face an uphill battle for the rest of your time in the job.”


When Employees Feel Grateful, They’re Less Likely to Be Dishonest

by David DeSteno

“The toll, however, isn’t just a financial one. Working in an environment with unethical peers not only can cause stress, but also can lead honest employees to either leave the company or begin to adopt unethical norms for themselves, thereby exacerbating the effects on a corporation’s culture.”


Reset, Renew, And Recharge: How Building Resilience Is The Best Antidote To Today’s Stress Epidemic

by Naz Beheshti

“When stress inevitably hits us, there are ways to manage it and mitigate its effects. But why wait? Why not be proactive and build up the stress-busting quality of resilience so that, when stress arrives, we are ready for it? Building resilience is like making regular deposits into a rainy day fund. The bigger our reserves, the better we will be able to withstand future adversity.”

by William Craig

“Finding thoughtful ways to motivate your team is great for the bottom line, too, since it directly connects to the success of your company. If you’re wondering how to achieve better motivation and inspire your team to be their best selves, here are some places you can start.”