In The News This Week…April 23

Work-Life Balance Is Simple. To Succeed at Work, Get a Life.

by Brendan M. Egan

“Failing to find a balance between work and your personal life could put your health in jeopardy. In fact, numerous studies have shown that people who work long hours and leave little time for themselves have a 33 percent greater risk of stroke and a 13 percent greater risk of heart disease. Fortunately, there are ways to balance your personal life and business in order to protect your health.”


4 Ways to Inspire Your Team Every Single Day

by David Meltzer

“The best leaders also tend to be the biggest givers. Shift the paradigm of value, stop worrying so much about what you’re going to get in return and start concerning yourself with what you’re giving. When your team knows that you go the extra mile to be extraordinary for them, they will go the extra mile in return. When you are being of service to others, your team can’t help but feel your glory.”


How Humble Leadership Really Works

by Dan Cable

“Leaders often do not see the true value of their charges, especially “lower-level” workers. But when leaders are humble, show respect, and ask how they can serve employees as they improve the organization, the outcomes can be outstanding. And perhaps even more important than better company results, servant leaders get to act like better human beings.”


How to Re-Engage and Retain a Valued Employee

by Young Entrepreneur Council

“A lack of motivation at work can manifest itself in many different ways. Maybe an employee misses a deadline here or there, or their work isn’t up to their usual high standards. Don’t ignore these signs. Take proactive steps to understand where they’re coming from and what it will take to get them back on track.”

8 Simple Words Exceptional Leaders Use Each and Every Day

by Jeff Haden

“If you’re in a leadership position and you don’t use these words multiple times every day… then you’re really not a leader.”