In The News This Week…April 30

How to Overcome Common Challenges and Help Your Small Business Grow

by Pamela Slim

“When you are growing a business, you can get so busy building, hustling and responding to the needs of the day, that it can feel impossible to hit pause and take stock of where you are and how to get where you want to go.”


Culture Makes or Breaks a Company When Crisis Hits

by Dixie Gillaspie

“If you are running a successful company that success will, sooner or later, be challenged by a crisis. And that crisis will include an opportunity. Whether or not you make the best of that opportunity will depend on your culture. And that culture is up to you.”


7 Key Indicators Of A Great Workplace

by William Vanderbloemen

“Do goals come only from the top down, or is there room for team members to voice what they believe would be a stretch goal for them? Being a part of setting your own goals, alongside your supervisor, helps give you some options and provides an opportunity to take some personal ownership of them. You are more likely to be invested in achieving a goal if you helped form it.”


7 Traits of Super-Productive People

by Jack Zenger & Joseph Folkman

“Take initiative. For many people, the hardest part of getting a job done is starting. The most productive people start quickly, and they never wait to be told to begin. They ask for forgiveness, not permission. And indeed, their bias for action can get them into trouble sometimes — they might start executing a project before all parties have bought in, say. But their bosses rarely complain, because their results tend to speak for themselves.”


5 Signs That Instantly Identify a Leader with True Emotional Intelligence

by Marcel Schwantes

“What do emotional intelligence and authenticity have in common? Everything. In its most stripped down form, being emotionally-intelligent means being an authentic person. Yet authenticity doesn’t come natural, especially for leaders and managers. Sometimes it’s easier to not deal with emotional matters at work, as confrontations can get ugly and dramatic. It’s so much more convenient to sweep things under the rug.”