In The News This Week…April 8

5 Surefire Ways to Become a Better, More Effective Leader

by Alp Mimaroglu

“According to a Gallup study, 50 percent of employees polled said they had quit at some point in their careers because of bad management. Not only is that a staggering statistic; it makes you wonder why there are so few effective leaders at all. What can entrepreneurs do to become better leaders themselves?”


How to Deal with the Top 3 Causes of Workplace Stress

by Stephanie Vozza

“A certain amount of stress at work is inevitable. Unfortunately, too many of us are feeling ‘unduly stressed,’ according to a study by the online job platform CareerCast. Seventy-eight percent of respondents rank their stress at seven or higher on a 10-point scale. Since the average American spends just over 40 hours a week at work, a stressful job can lead to a stressful life.”


Five Tips For Conducting A Great Job Interview

by Matthew Poldosky

“It may seem easy at first glance, but conducting a job interview can be tricky. The goal is to find out if a candidate is ideal for the position you’re trying to fill and for the company you’re trying to grow, so you want to get a feel for the person, not just the skill set — which is tough to do in an hour-long meeting with a stranger.”


Why An Employee Engagement Strategy Is Vital To Your Business

by Susan Hunt Stevens

“Based on our experience working with or talking with numerous Fortune 500 companies on engagement, we see two primary reasons for the lack of a strategy. The first is that many organizations still do not view people and culture as a strategic asset. In those organizations, HR is primarily to ensure people get paid, roles are filled, benefits get administered and no one gets sued.”


You Don’t Have to Be CEO to Be a Visionary Leader

by Ron Ashkenas and Brook Manville

“Creating a unifying vision for an organization is a fundamental skill for leaders. A simple, bold, inspirational vision can feel almost magical: it brings people throughout the company together around a common goal and provides a focal point for developing strategies to achieve a better future. Unfortunately, however, building a vision has become more associated with a company’s top-level leadership than the managers in the rest of the organization.”