In The News This Week…April 9

Go the Extra Mile If You Want to Achieve Excellence

by David Meltzer

“There are myriad ways you can go the extra mile and embody a spirit of excellence. One of the easiest is simply to respond to people’s messages and emails as soon as possible. I have a “do it now” philosophy, meaning I don’t put off something important that I can do right away, as this costs me wasted time and efficiency. That “do it now” attitude exemplifies the extra mile.”


Seven Ways A Great Manager Inspires Their Employees

by Dillon Kivo

“A great culture starts at the top and works its way down. If you want inspired employees, ready to tackle new projects and innovate within their field, you need great leadership.”


How to Work for a Boss Who Lacks Self-Awareness

by Tomas ChamorroPremuzic

“Just as people differ in height, musical talent, and sense of humor, there are pretty consistent differences in their ability to understand how others see them. Such differences are usually attributed to their self-awareness, though a more appropriate name for this ability would be other-awareness: awareness of how our actions affect — and are therefore evaluated by — other people.”


8 Ways Leaders Waste Valuable Time and Energy

by Lolly Daskal

“Everyone has habits they’d like to change, blind spots in their knowledge,counterproductive tendencies. Changing these old behaviors isn’t easy. But if you put forth patient effort without giving up, it can help you make the most out of each day and clear the way to success–your own and your team’s. Make time management a priority and everyone will benefit.”


Why Alignment Is Your Word of the Year

by Tanya Hall

“If you’re a thought leader, or an aspiring one, you hope to grow your audience and gain opportunities to speak and share your content. You have a topic you’re passionate about, and you’re excited to bring your insights to the world. Excited, that is, until it seems that your content isn’t resonating and your audience growth is nonexistent. Every thought leader faces challenges as they grow their brand, but prolonged periods of stagnation can cause us to second guess ourselves.”