In The News This Week…August 13

7 Strategies to Stay Cool, Calm and Collected During a Job Interview

by Nina Zipkin

“‘Know the company, know the job, know the job description. Have a five-minute elevator pitch for when they say, ‘tell me about yourself,” says career coach and counselor Eileen Sharaga. ‘The best way to mitigate anxiety is to be prepared, to understand do you really want this job? Are you qualified for this job? Is it a real stretch for you?'”


6 Steps to Make Your Strategic Plan Really Strategic

by Graham Kenny

“Recognize that no matter what you decide, there is no certainty in the result once you embark on implementation via an action plan and scorecard. You can’t be sure, for instance, in the case of the manufacturer of specialized air conditioners, that ramping up technical support pre- and post-sale will drive more revenue. Be prepared to adjust.”


The More You Talk, the Less They Listen

by Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey

“‘Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs put the importance on what they do,’ Ryan added. ‘If you flip that order, and instead of saying what you do, say, ‘It’s not what I do, it’s the problem I solve.’ That creates intrigue and interest for people who want to know more about the problem. This helps to create curiosity and they will inquire more. When they ask you how you solve that problem, you’re no longer pitching, now you’re in a conversation.'”


Why Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial for Success 

by Rose Leadem

“The official definition of ’emotional intelligence’ is ‘the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.’ How you carry yourself and how you communicate with others can make or break your success at work and in life. This is especially true if you’re working on a team, because succeeding together means understanding, connecting and building relationships with others. If you identify yourself as being self-aware and socially aware, then there’s a good chance you’ve got a high EQ.”


Want Motivated Employees? Show Them a Little Appreciation.

by Brian Tracy

“As an act of consideration, Tracy recommends engaging in conversation with your employees. Asking them how things are going and what their life is like outside the office will let your employees know they are appreciat