In The News This Week…December 10

Rallying Employees to Embrace New Management Practices 

by Alexander Maasik

“New is always better–to a manager. To understand why, you need to look at it from the employee’s perspective. For them, new approaches are scary and demand that they come out from their comfort zone. There is no way they’ll do that unless you show them the clear benefits they’ll receive from trying something new. The key to helping your employees is to communicate your ideas clearly and often. Internal communication is more than just a buzzword.”


Is Your Onboarding Process Broken? Here’s How to Fix It.

by Gideon Kimbrell

“Most companies know that onboarding is an important part of the hiring process, but many still underestimate just how vital it is that the process be done right. According to a recent survey by Microsoft, what determined employees’ odds of staying at the company for the long term boiled down to one simple thing: whether their managers had had a one-on-one meeting with them during their first week.”


This is How to Demonstrate Your Value at Work

by Anisa Purbasari Horton

“Are you juggling lots of different projects at once? Do you enthusiastically say yes to every assignment that lands on your desk? While this is a great way to demonstrate your commitment when you start a new job, at some point taking on too many responsibilities can bring diminishing returns.”


How to Retain and Engage Your B Players

by Liz Kislik

“We can’t all be A players, and it’s unrealistic to think we’ll only ever work with A players. But that may not be the appropriate goal. Instead, try using these strategies to help employees give their best, and you’ll be ensuring that your whole team can turn in an A+ performance.”


Is Your Workplace Culture Where It Needs to Be?

by Doug Claffey

“Every organization has a culture. Some are intentional, some accidental. Companies that claim culture is a priority but don’t back it up are just fooling themselves. Failing to focus on culture is how leaders lose their jobs and how companies cease to exist. In fact, culture is the only remaining sustainable competitive advantage. Great business strategies can be copied, but culture cannot. When an organization’s culture fails, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes public and costly. Great workplace cultures flourish when a team of talented people share an organization’s values and embrace its objectives.”