In the News This Week…February 18

When Good Leaders Create Bad Results

by Manish Dudharejia

“Ethical leadership is an undeniably positive trait that businesses must adhere to if they hope for long term success, but, when improperly enacted, it can also lead to stress and resentment in the workplace. True and effective ethical leadership doesn’t place the burden of ethical dilemmas on the employee, and is very careful to avoid creating situations where employees feel ethically superior and productively inferior to their coworkers.


3 Ways Authentic Leaders Inspire and Retain Employees

by Curt Cronin

“The consequences of an inauthentic approach to leadership can be severe. Employees who don’t view their leaders as authentic are less engaged at work, which correlates with increased turnover and lower profitability, per Gallup. Larger paychecks and better benefits won’t make employees stick around. To retain top talent, leaders must become the authentic guides that top talent deserves.”


This is How You Keep Your Most Ambitious Employees from Leaving

by Stephanie Vozza

“The reason people leave is because they’ve lost their commitment to their manager, their team, or their company,’ says Cote. ‘Leaders tend to be so laser-focused on tasks, skills, and priorities that they forget about the importance of culture,’ she says. ‘At the end of the day, we are all people and we need foundations of trust and meaningful relationships. If those psychological needs aren’t being met, go-getter employees will look somewhere else.'”


How To Work With People Who Aren’t Self-Aware

by John Hall

“However, the biggest giveaway is this: The unaware don’t know their weaknesses and shortcomings. Most of them want to be effective team members. Offensive office jerks know exactly what they’re doing and aren’t receptive to change. Those lacking self-awareness don’t even realize they’re offending others.”


How to Unlock Your Team’s Creativity

by Rebecca Shambaugh

“The goal of getting your team to think beyond the box is a no-brainer, but figuring out how to actually achieve greater group innovation isn’t. As a leader, it’s important to approach making this happen just as you would any other management challenge: creatively.”