In The News This Week…February 4

6 Entrepreneurs Share Secrets for Boosting Office Morale

by Entrepreneur Staff

“Not every week is going to be great — that’s just reality. We asked six entrepreneurs: When your team seems down in the dumps, how do you boost their optimism and drive?”


Most of These 9 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees Don’t Cost Anything

by Miles Jennings

“We’ve heard great advice about how to hire the right employees, and have been reminded many times that preventing great employees from leaving is the best recruitment strategy. But keeping great staff isn’t just about doing a set of tasks; it’s about having the proper mindset. In today’s competitive job market, you consistently have to be engaged with your staff, let them know you care, and demonstrate it in all your actions.”


Bosses: This is How to Inspire Your Employees to Become Leaders

by Gwen Moran

“Helping your next generation of leaders see the value of coaching and equipping them with the ability to seek out the coaches they need can enable them to get help quicker, Holman says. ‘I find the most gifted coaches may know the answer, but they ask the critical questions so the one on the other side has their own epiphany, and what happens is, the other side begins to rediscover certain things themselves by asking a question,’ he says. It teaches them a new way to discover their own insights, he adds.”


The 6 Fundamental Skills Every Leader Should Practice

by Ron Ashkenas & Brook Manville

“Our research and experience have shown us that the best way to develop proficiency in leadership is not just through reading books and going to training courses, but even more through real experience and continual practice.”


5 Hacks to Finally Finish Your Most Dreaded To-Do List Item

by Jessica Stillman

“You know the kind of to-do list item I’m talking about — the ones that linger at the bottom of your list as you churn through less horrible tasks above it, the one that seems to laugh at you every time you look at your list, the one that causes a sinking feeling in your stomach every time you tell yourself, ‘Today is finally the day!'”