In The News This Week…January 21

5 Steps to Create an Idea-Generating Culture

by Risto Siilasmaa

“Lead by example. The best — and really the only way — to create the culture you want is by being a role model. Oftentimes, you don’t need to “lead.” You just do, and people will do what you do.”


5 Steps to Changing Your Mindset About Failure

by Lisa Evans

“We all experience failure at some point in our lives and in our careers. Maybe your company has gone under, or you’ve been fired from a job, or you failed to win a contract with a client you were hoping to sign. How you recover from that failure will determine whether you become a future success story like Gates.”


Working with People Who Aren’t Self-Aware

by Tasha Eurich

“Even though self-awareness — knowing who we are and how we’re seen — is important for job performance, career success, and leadership effectiveness, it’s in remarkably short supply in today’s workplace. In our nearly five-year research program on the subject, we’ve discovered that although 95% of people think they’re self-aware, only 10 to 15% actually are.”


How to Bond With Your Employees Without Compromising Your Authority

by Sadie Williamson

“Setting general expectations creates a frame for a positive working relationship. As a manager joining a new team or welcoming a new employee, you should set aside the time for a one-to-one discussion to discuss pain points and success factors. It should be a two-way discussion, with the employee having space to ask questions and make requests of their own.”


The Real Reason You’re Not Getting Job Interviews

by Adunola Adeshola

“You don’t even have to tell me. I already know the way your eyes light up when you see a position you know would be perfect for you. I know how anxious you get when you finally send the application you’re hoping gets you through the door. And, I know how frustrated you feel when you check your email 103 times only to later discover that the company decided to go with another candidate.”