In The News This Week…March 18

8 Ways Successful People Master Resilience

by Deep Patel

“We build our resilience by learning to cope with challenges — it’s a process of adapting well in the face of trauma, tragedy or significant stress. Basically, you have to get knocked down in order to learn how to pick yourself back up. Over time, successful people learn not only how to overcome, but to embrace these challenges. They understand that each crisis they face is a chance to learn and grow.”


How to Build a People-First Culture as the Company Grows

by Frederic Kerrest

“When starting out, it’s common for founders to handpick every team member and get to know them on a personal level. But there comes a point when it’s no longer possible to do this as hiring needs multiply and employee headcount grows. Eventually, every successful entrepreneur reaches a point where he or she looks around and wonders, ‘Who are all these people? How do I keep empowering them?'”


Four Affordable Ways To Improve Your Employee Onboarding

by Matthew Podolsky

“Onboarding is the process of bringing new employees into the company and setting them up to work — and companies with better onboarding have better employee-retention rates. Developing an effective onboarding program is an investment, but it’s a good one, and there are ways to improve your approach without killing your bottom line.”


4 Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation

by Richard E. Clark and Bror Saxberg

“Carefully assessing the nature of the motivational failure — before taking action — is crucial. Applying the wrong strategy (say, urging an employee to work harder, when the reason is that they’re convinced they can’t do it) can actually backfire, causing motivation to falter further.”


3 Ways Increasing Your Empathy Makes You More Effective Leader

by Maria Ross

“Leadership is about expertise and ability, to be sure, but it is just as much about emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships. And empathy, the ability to see other perspectives, understand someone else’s point of view and act with compassion, plays a huge role in making a leader and his or her team successful.”