In The News This Week…March 19

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

by Rose Leadem

“Stress is a major factor in our lives and can take a toll on our mental health. However, before letting yourself reach burnout, it’s important to understand where your stress is coming from so you can tackle it.”


The Best Mentors Ask These 8 Questions

by Gwen Moran

“Asking what success looks like can refer to long-term goals and planning. However, when applied to a specific situation, it can help determine what the immediate priorities are for a project or situation…”


Take These Steps To Become Comfortable With Change

by Stephanie Vozza

“Change will bring you into the circle of others who are experiencing the same thing. ‘That is the beauty of change,’ he writes. ‘Those around you who are not willing to change will fall away, and you will find yourself surrounded by those who motivate you to change.'”


What Kind of Leadership Works Best at Your Company?

by Deborah Ancona and Hal Gregersen

“If it’s not clear what kind of leadership works best at your company, here’s one strategy for figuring it out. Pay attention to who quits or gets fired — especially new hires — because it can signal what leadership skills matter most.”


Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement

by Scott Judd, Eric O’Rourke & Adam Grant

“Smart technology and big data will continue to help us figure out what matters most to our people. But that will make surveys more important, not less. In an age where more employees are afraid that Big Brother is watching and companies have the tools to observe more than ever before, running a survey can signal that Big Brother is still human.”