In The News This Week…March 26

5 Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Office Without a Complete Overhaul

by Serenity Gibbons

“But just because the country as a whole is grappling with declining productivity doesn’t mean the same fate will befall your office. The only way industries will regain their former productive glory — or fledgling industries will make new records — is through individual companies finding ways to fuel their team members’ productivity.”


Engaging Employees Starts with Remembering What Your Company Stands For

by Denise Lee Yohn 

“Only when employees are engaged with the brand will they think and act in the specific ways that produce the specific results the company is seeking. Employees must internalize the organization’s purpose and values so they make decisions that clearly support those priorities. Ultimately they design and deliver on-brand customer experiences that strengthen the brand’s competitive position and build equity in the brand.”


Want Employees to Speak Up? 10 Things Leaders Can Do to Encourage Participation

by Alison Davis

“Instead of calling for questions, pose a question. Even in the most open, supportive culture, it’s risky for employees to expose potential ignorance by asking a question. But if you pose a question–like “What are the obstacles to achieving this objective?”–employees have the opportunity to participate from a position of strength.”


How Great Leaders Use Humor to Create Emotionally Safe, Fun Cultures

by Marissa Levin

“Organizations must be committed to creating emotionally safe, trust-based work environments, where employees won’t be functioning in a continued state of heightened anxiety and stress. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to strategically leverage humor.”


10 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Human

by Shawn Murphy

“Unhuman workplaces leave employees at all levels feeling as though their talents are wasted or taken for granted. Such workplaces struggle to connect purpose with individual and team efforts. A predominate belief of one-sidedness creates disbelief that leads to myriad outcomes that don’t benefit the company and its employees.”