In the News This Week…March 4

9 Ways Happy People Start Their Mornings

by Deep Patel

“A good morning routine will help you feel relaxed, alert and energized. Starting your morning on the right foot means creating a feeling of happiness that you can carry with you all day long. Your morning routine should include not only getting ready, but also making space for feeling joy and feeling mentally and physically prepared to take on whatever the world has in store for you.”


7 Communication Skills You Need to Succeed in the Workplace

by Jillian Kramer

“But beyond having to communicate in the office, honing your communication skills can influence your career–and your daily success at work. According to career coach Hallie Crawford, ‘How well you communicate impacts efficiency, effectiveness, trust between employees, your brand, and how you come across as a professional, and much more.'”


Employees Need Purpose More Than Pay To Be Happy And Productive

by Danielle Brooker

“More people want to take a proactive (and personal) approach to support their own happiness and well-being. If work is making them unhappy, employees are far more likely to find ways to change that and are even willing to take a pay cut in order to do so. And it’s not just Wrike’s survey that has shown this – people care about having a purpose more than pay, and, this has direct consequences for organizational productivity and retention.”


Give Your Employees Specific Goals and the Freedom to Figure Out How to Reach Them

by John Hagel III and Cathy Engelbert

“Companies who recognize that creating value requires more than efficiency will gain a competitive advantage. Organizations can increase the value they deliver to their customers and stakeholders, and individuals can achieve far more of their potential. We believe it is pragmatic to do this by specifying the outcomes you want, balanced with creating more freedom for the worker of the future.”


7 Keys to Developing Resilience

by Sherrie Campbell

“To be resilient is to be exceptional. We must have the fortitude to stand tall no matter what is happening. Resilience is achieved through the consistent progress we make each day towards our goals. These goals are the benchmarks we design our life around. To live as the exceptional human being we have the potential to be, we must be willing to risk, to know when to rest and to be unafraid to be different from the rest.”