Follow countless laws and regulations with relative ease.

Many companies think of HR compliance as the end of an HR program. At Aliniti, we know that staying current on regulations and files is a foundation to build upon. So, yes, we can help get all of your files in order, and we can do so much more.

HR Audit

Our HR audit process focuses on your employment practices and policies. We provide hard facts about your operations and insight on gaps that may exist in complying with state and federal employment regulations.

We will also explore your company’s strategic objectives and how the information gained from the audit can be used to facilitate changes that will improve your operations and employee effectiveness.

Some of the areas covered as part of the audit process include:

  • Compliance with applicable employment laws
  • Wage and hour administration
  • Job specifications and descriptions
  • Employee performance evaluations
  • Discipline and termination procedures
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment claims management
  • Safety, health, and security issues

Government Compliance

As an extension of your staff, we can manage your risk and reduce your exposure to governmental compliance, so you can focus on your business. Our seasoned team can help you comply with federal and state employment regulations by proactively managing a myriad of compliance mandates that can significantly impact your organization.