Organizational development isn’t just about creating amazing org charts. It’s about making sure that every person and every department is driving your business toward the same goal

That includes HR. And when your people understand their purpose and connect with what they’re doing, they start going above and beyond. And you have the capacity to make better decisions, find and keep better talent, and overcome challenges.

We can help align people to your plan through a range of tools, including:

  • Scorecard Development: Scorecards are great tools for communicating strategy throughout your organization and measuring your success as you execute your strategic plan. Because we understand the DNA of small and medium-sized businesses, we can apply tools scorecards to your unique situation.
  • Assessments:  Assessments help you find the right talent, understand and therefore manage that talent more effectively, and are able to structure your organization to be in line with your business strategy. We use a comprehensive suite of best-in-class assessment products.
  • Benchmarking Jobs and Developing Key Accountabilities: Benchmarking clarifies the knowledge, intrinsic motivators, personal attributes, behaviors, and hard skills required for success in a specific position. After clarifying key accountabilities—that is, critical goals and key business successes the job is accountable for producing—and running a TriMetrix® assessment, we develop profiles for each position. Those profiles are then used as a benchmark to help coach current team members or evaluate candidates.
  • Performance Management Coaching: A performance management system enables you to measure and reward employee performance that produces the results you need. We coach and train your managers and supervisors to benchmark actual performance against established standards, conduct meaningful performance reviews using job-specific evaluation tools, and develop action plans that will help employees meet organizational goals.

Because we offer comprehensive human resources consulting services, we won’t leave you with a report and wish you the best. We will stand by you (literally) and coach your team through implementation of the practices we’ll help create.

Take a step back, make a plan, and move forward with confidence.