Provide your employees with the right tools to succeed.

You probably didn’t start your business to think about HR issues every day. But now you’re responsible for hiring, discipline, and evaluating employee performance.

To help you improve how your management team handles employee matters, we have created a series of workshops. Our focus in these training and coaching workshops is to help your employees support your business plans and to help you make good decisions to minimize your risk and manage liability.

Training and Coaching Workshops Offered:

Supervisor Effectiveness with Performance Management

A common concern among supervisors is their personal effectiveness in dealing with performance management issues. The tools presented in this workshop will help your supervisors develop the skills needed to produce positive results by identifying and overcoming barriers affecting your team’s performance.

We will introduce your leadership team to proven strategies for establishing performance expectations, measuring results, coaching team members on issues ranging from interpersonal conflicts to poor work quality, and documenting performance discussions. We will work on actual performance gaps affecting their team members and use the tools presented to develop a plan for closing those gaps.
Workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to link performance expectations to business needs
  • Apply workshop tools to identify and overcome performance barriers
  • Determine the most appropriate intervention for addressing performance gaps
  • Discover how to discuss performance issues constructively
  • Learn how to document performance issues using simple, plain language

Team Diagnostics (conducted with permission from TTI)

Most current organizational and coaching approaches assess and coach the team as a collection of individuals. In this approach, assessments measure the characteristics, preferences and performance of individual team members and the results are then compiled into a profile in which individuals can compare themselves to one another. This is valuable information for team members, but it is only half the picture.
The missing half: a picture of the team as a whole.
The Team Diagnostic™ is a unique approach to working with teams because it regards the team as a dynamic “system”. A team is more than the sum of its parts. A team is a living, dynamic entity with its own personality, spoken and unspoken rules, vision, blind spots, even moods. With the Team Diagnostic™ the team’s needs are explored independent of the needs of any single member. This shifts the attention and the work of the team to the team itself.

Dynamic Communication (conducted with permission from TTI)

This workshop was designed to help people achieve more effective communication in life and work by using the DISC behavioral model. Each seminar attendee receives an in-depth workbook that provides a great resource for learning and understanding the language of DISC. With general characteristics, descriptions, examples and exercises, this workbook helps attendees learn how to recognize, understand and apply the DISC behavioral model for better communication.
Workshop participants will:

  • Understand the benefits of applying a behavioral communication model.
  • Understand your own behavioral design.
  • Recognize, understand and appreciate others’ behavioral designs.
  • Adapt your behaviors for enhanced communication, understanding and relationships.
  • Identify behavioral styles by observing tone of voice, words, body language and pace.

Conducting Meaningful Performance Reviews

Performance reviews, if approached strategically, are an effective tool for reviewing a team member’s results, establishing expectations for future performance, and creating personal development plans that are linked to operating objectives.

A well-managed performance review system can strengthen manager-team member relationships and enhance communication about specific objectives and behaviors that help the business achieve its goals. In addition, the data collected from performance reviews can help develop hiring criteria and create a defense in legal actions.
Workshop participants will learn:

  • The components of an effective performance management system
  • How to establish job related performance criteria
  • Techniques for documenting performance and writing reviews
  • How to provide meaningful feedback to team members
  • How to avoid common rating errors

My Attitude is Showing (conducted with permission from TTI)

This training was designed to help participants communicate more effectively. Each seminar attendee receives an in-depth workbook that provides a great resource for learning and understanding the six values or attitudes.
Each participant will:

  • Know which attitudes drive your life, actions and decisions.
  • Understand each attitude and the interaction of each.
  • Recognize the driving forces in others’ lives.
  • Understand others’ viewpoints and be able to dialogue convincingly by seeing the world through their eyes.

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Workplace harassment and discrimination creates significant liability concerns for employers. Aliniti has developed common sense employee and supervisor workshops that clarify the responsibilities of both employers and employees in preventing workplace harassment and discrimination.
Workshop participants will learn:

  • The types of behavior that is problematic in today’s work environments
  • Why the impact of a person’s behavior matters more than their intentions
  • Individual responsibilities in creating respectful workplaces that are free of harassment and discrimination
  • What to do if they experience unwelcome and offensive behavior

Our supervisor workshop on workplace harassment and discrimination focuses on:

  • Identifying behaviors that are at risk for being considered sexually harassing or discriminatory
  • The primary laws under which discrimination claims are brought
  • The consequences of harassment and discrimination
  • Steps an employer should take to prevent sexual harassment
  • How to respond to allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination

HR 101

Managers and supervisors are often the first to be presented with sensitive employee issues. This workshop is designed to provide an overview of major employment laws and essential HR policies and practices. A lack of understanding about how to properly respond when faced with these situations is a major reason why many organizations find themselves faced with costly employee claims and lawsuits.
In this workshop you will learn the “WHY” behind common employment policies and the basics of:

  • Title VII Harassment
  • Discrimination and Retaliation claims
  • Leave entitlements under The Family Medical Leave Act and other mandated
  • Accommodating employees with disabilities
  • Wage & Hour record keeping requirements
  • Controlling workers’ compensation costs

Effective Hiring Practices

Consistently matching the right person to job is the first step in developing high performance teams. Aliniti’s Effective Hiring Practices workshop introduces participants to principles that are essential to making successful hiring decisions.
Workshop participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the hard and soft costs of mis-hires
  • Learn how to create a defensible interview process
  • Develop a clear understanding of permissible and impermissible inquiries under the Equal Employment Opportunity Guidelines
  • Discover how to use behavioral based interviewing techniques, candidate scorecards and other proven tools for selecting A players

Drug-Free Workplace Workshops

Employee Educational Awareness Aliniti’s on-site drug-free workshops are lively, interactive, and thought provoking. Employee Educational Awareness Drug-Free workshop participants will gain an understanding of how substance abuse issues impact the workplace as well as responsibilities under their employer’s drug-free workplace program.

We will discuss:
  • The major problems represented by substance abuse in the workplace
  • On-the-job enabling behaviors and their potential consequences
  • An addiction and recovery model for alcohol and other drugs
  • The signs and symptoms of substance abuse
  • What assistance (community resources) employees can receive if they or their family members have a substance abuse problem

Drug Free & Supervisor Skill Building

Our supervisor drug-free workshop is designed to help supervisors build essential skills to meet their responsibilities for supporting a drug-free workplace program.
Workshop participants will learn:

  • How to recognize a possible alcohol/drug problem
  • How to document behaviors that demonstrate an alcohol/drug problem
  • How to confront employees with the problem from observed behaviors
  • How to initiate reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing
  • How to handle the procedures associated with random testing
  • How to make an appropriate referral for assessment or assistance
  • How to follow up with employees returning to work after a positive drug test
  • How to handle drug-free workplace program responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with collective bargaining agreements, if applicable

Aliniti is a qualified provider of training for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Drug-Free Workplace Program.

Leadership Program

Our leadership program is designed to meet the unique needs of current and next generation leaders within small and mid-sized organizations. Our overarching objective is build a practical understanding of the skills that will enable the participants enhance their personal effectiveness as leaders.
Workshop participants will complete:

  • Lead, Motivate & Inspire
  • Performance Management
  • Discovering Hidden Talents
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Decision Making
  • Change Management
  • Employee Engagement