Gary Ellerhorst

Gary Ellerhorst

CEO, Crown Plastics

Providing practical solutions to give a strategic plan the best chance of success.


Crown Plastics, a manufacturer of high-end plastic materials, with 70 employees headquartered in Harrison, Ohio. Client since June 2010.


Exposure to employee-related risks and gaps in the management team. The CEO’s priorities–creating an exit strategy for a family member, re-structuring the management team to support a new strategic plan, and protecting Crown Plastics against dicey employee issues–necessitated dedicated, strategic expertise. But he didn’t have that in-house. And he didn’t need to hire a full-time HR director.


Implementing tools and processes so the CEO and his team can make strategic hiring decisions–and rely on a partner to proactively manage employee issues.  With Aliniti on retainer, it was like Crown Plastics had an HR director who could advise him strategically and prevent dicey employee issues–without the hefty salary.

To help Crown Plastics, our solutions included:

  • Created a respectful exit strategy for a member of the family that helped preserve the personal relationship while managing the risk associated with an involuntary separation from the business.
  • Ran assessments and benchmarked roles to identify the positions and needs that would give the strategic plan the best chance of success.
  • Screened candidates for VP of sales, plant manager, and CFO positions, including creating job descriptions, vetting candidates, and running assessments to identify the best qualified candidates.
  • Provided assessments for current employees to understand their work style, motivations, and more, so they could be coached and trained if needed.
  • Shored up policies and procedures that would ensure compliance, including updating the  employee handbook and conducting an employment practices seminar for employees.
  • Provide ongoing assistance for issues as they arise.


“Aliniti helps to look at everything from a strategic standpoint–to take everything into account when you make a decision. They bring systems–there is subjectivity to everything–and what it does is force you to put as much process and objectivity into the hiring process as you can. They give you the best chance that it will be a good hire. And, they are very caring–it’s obvious that they want to do a good job for you.” Gary Ellerhorst, CEO of Crown Plastics.

Through their partnership with Aliniti, the CEO of Crown Plastics:

  • Can make strategic decisions because he has the right tools and information.
  • Has the right design for his organization–giving it the best shot at success.
  • Has peace of mind because he has experts on his side to help prevent dicey employee issues and solve problems.
  • Saved time and money by having Aliniti vet and interview candidates.
  • Hired well-matched people to fill the VP of sales, CFO, and plant manager roles.
  • Improved his ability to communicate with employees because he understood their work styles and motivations.