Mike Strawser

Mike Strawser

CEO, Valley Interior Systems

Equipping Valley for future growth and long-term success through strategic planning, workforce planning and employee assessment programs .


Valley Interiors, a commercial construction firm with about 60 office employees and 500 field employees serving clients from offices in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Toledo, Ohio;  and Lexington, Kentucky. Valley previously worked with Aliniti on drug-free workplace safety training and compliance.


With a new CFO joining the leadership team and no internal HR executive within the company, Valley needed to clearly define the roles of individuals at the company, as well as perform long-range planning for its future growth.


Aliniti’s strategic planning and employee assessment programs equipped Valley for future growth and long-term success. Together, we created the right plan and identified the right people (and or job roles) to fulfill that plan.

To help Valley, our solutions included:

  • Conducted a situational analysis with the partners to identify the competitive landscape and where they saw the company going in the future.
  • Conducted Trimetrix® assessments to evaluate present and future employees by behavior, motivations and values, identifying their skills and talents.
  • Worked with the partners to identify key players within the company to be a part of the leadership team.
  • Designed a strategic dashboard to help implement systems and processes and determine measures of success.
  • Structured and facilitated initial meetings of the leadership team.


“Since we started the process we have gotten complete buy-in from everyone across the organization and our results are improving. Bottom line is increasing and revenue is increasing and volume is increasing–it all came out of the plan we created with Aliniti.” Mike Strawser, Valley CEO