Helping turn a CEO’s vision into reality.


PEDCO is an engineering and architecture consulting firm with about 80 employees, based in Cincinnati. A Aliniti partner since 2009.


When Bill Giesler became the President and CEO of PEDCO he had a new vision for what the company’s HR program could be. Instead of just providing benefits, he wanted to be strategic about employee development, training, reviews, and promotions.


The Aliniti® team worked on developing a comprehensive plan for HR at PEDCO that is in alignment with the overall business strategy. And then, we divided it into goals that could be achieved over time.

Our work with PEDCO includes:

  • Participation in PEDCO’s strategic planning process, and helping to refine the organizational structure.
  • Writing employee job descriptions, performance indicators, and performance reviews and accountabilities.
  • Facilitating personality TriMetrix® assessments for the Management Team.
  • Establishing a rewards and recognition process for employees.
  • Conducting the annual employee engagement and satisfaction survey, including summary report and recommendations.


Bill Giesler is confident that Aliniti® was the right partner, “We didn’t need to hire someone full-time, but we needed a highly qualified resource to help us. We needed to get an HR program up and running for a company of 80 people, and Aliniti® was the right company to do just that.”

The CEO was thinking beyond benefits.

When Bill Giesler took over as President and CEO of PEDCO, he realized the need to expand HR far beyond employee benefits, “I believe that HR is so much more than benefits. The development and training of our employees, performance reviews, and aligning roles to the goals of the organization are all part of HR. We needed someone to help us develop that kind of program.”

The work started with strategic vision.

“Bill Ratterman was involved in strategic planning in 2009 in order to get a good feel for our company. He helped us look at what we did on a strategic level, created a balanced scorecard, and set goals. He took our strategic planning and brought it to life via the balanced scorecard, which is a way to manage our business in a very holistic way. It takes into account the people, the culture, the financials, and customer satisfaction,” said Bill Giesler.

The team moved from strategy to tactical work.

After the balanced scorecard was established, the PEDCO team worked with Aliniti® on a variety of tactical elements including things like writing job descriptions and key accountabilities for each position. The management team took a personality TriMetrix® assessment and began to learn how to work as a team more effectively. Currently, they are working to establish a rewards and recognition process for employees. The team at Aliniti® is a trusted partner when hiring new employees, and have played a major role in placing new hires on the PEDCO team that are high performers.

The employee satisfaction survey was translated into actionable items.

“Aliniti® took over our employee engagement and satisfaction survey. To date, they have administered two, and we are getting ready to do the third. It is very helpful. They take the results one step further by putting together a summary, determining our priorities, and helping choose someone on our team to champion each priority,” says Bill.

The long-term vision for employees is a high priority.

At PEDCO the path of advancement for employees was once unclear. Today, with the help of Aliniti, employees can gain a clear picture of what they need to do to learn, grow and advance in the company. Personal and professional development are part of the revitalized HR program.

Overall, PEDCO is extremely pleased with the work of Aliniti.

“The people at Aliniti® are easy to work with, friendly, good business partners, professional, and very knowledgeable. They really do act as an extension of our team,” says Bill.