Lois Elrich

Lois Elrich

President, Solid Blend

Freeing up a small business owner to focus on their company.


Solid Blend Technologies, a water treatment and conservation company headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. An Aliniti client since June 2011.


Communication—about what was expected from people, about where they were going—was at an all-time low at Solid Blend. Ken Elrich, the owner, was on the brink of giving up. And he had little time to spend on growing the business. In addition, Ken needed to hire a new water technician (a service role), but he was unsure of how to find the right person for the job.


Improving communication throughout the company, clarifying the requirements of service roles, and untangling Ken from daily operations so he could focus on growing the business.

To help Solid Blend Technologies, our solutions included:

  • Benchmarking key service roles to clarify requirements and expectations from those roles.
  • Running employee assessments to understand work styles and motivations.
  • Creating metrics to measure performance and developing a 360-degree review process.
  • Coaching to support the management team.


“What it did for the company was astounding. We [at Solid Blend] had an inability to communicate where we were going and what was expected out of roles. Employees were unclear about their role in the company. It got to the point where there was no talking within the company. I used feel like when I left here I was ready to give up the company.

Once everyone was clear about his or her role it was night and day—almost life changing. The morale changed. We were talking once again. After about eight months to a year, we were all on the same team, talking again”. Ken Elrich, Owner

“When we first met with Solid Blend, the office was very quiet. Now, there’s a different energy. You see laughing and smiling. They really do live up to being a family organization and treating people well. The exciting part for us is to actually see the results. Seeing people laughing and smiling—I get to do that. That means the world to us.” Melanie, Aliniti Advisor.