Greg Steck

Greg Steck

President, HPC

Thinking strategically and identifying a talented candidate who will grow with the company.


Hearth Products Controls Company (HPC) has been in business for over 40 years and creates custom outdoor water and fire features, distributes fireplace repair parts, and manufactures lighting. HPC has about 40 direct employees and 40 temp employees and is based in Dayton, OH. HPC has been a Aliniti client since 2016.


HPC needed to hire an engineer manager. Because of their growing business, they did not have time to canvas or vet potential candidates. Aliniti helped them find and hire a qualified candidate. A year later, HPC decided to hire someone to fill a manufacturing role on their own, but after 10 months, the employee was not a good fit. HPC needed a unique approach to find talented candidates who would last long-term and would grow with the organization.


Aliniti benchmarked the position and developed a detailed job description as well as a clearly defined set of goals and targets. Aliniti’s strategic planning, candidate assessment programs, and continued onboarding helped HPC to identify a talented candidate who will fill the role and grow with the company.

To help HPC our solutions included:

  • Benchmarking positions with Trimetrix Test assessments and created detailed job descriptions
  • Conducting market research regarding the position and spoke with similarly situated people in the space to get feedback on the opportunity
  • Developing the job role and searched for qualified candidates using a customizes process
  • Managing potential candidates and interview process while identifying gaps in previous interview processes
  • Conducting candidate compatibility testing
  • Continuously managing onboarding, benchmarking, and coaching for 12 months


“The investment [in Aliniti] was extremely successful because of how they manage the recruitment process from start to finish. If you choose [to hire] the wrong person, it wastes everyone’s time in the organization and you have to start over again. It’s three steps back, and then when someone new comes in, they want to change everything and you have to start all over again. There is a huge value to hiring them.

Doing benchmarking for the role was well worth it. I’ve worked in HR and I’ve done PIQ, and how [Aliniti] approached hiring was something I hadn’t seen, and it was very interesting. I learned quite a bit and can apply it to other roles.

Rich (the candidate found by Aliniti) is doing a fabulous job and it allows me to focus on the more macro things I should be doing.” said President Greg Steck.