Helping a rapidly growing brewer consciously structure their organization to support future growth.


MadTree Brewing company, founded in Cincinnati in 2013, is driven to craft great beer and build something bigger than themselves. They are now fast approaching 100 employees in a very competitive market.


After completing a 3-year strategic planning cycle, it became clear to leadership that they may not have the organizational structure necessary to realize their goals and deliver their plan. They needed a fresh perspective.


ALINITI facilitated an Organizational Structure and Design workshop to help MadTree find the organizational clarity they needed. This workshop aims to objectively identify appropriate organizational design criteria and structures to support company growth.

To help Madtree, our team:

  • Completing and reviewing ALINITI’s Organizational Design Survey.
  • Establishing organizational design criteria.
  • Identify and finalizing an agreed upon future structure.
  • Facilitating Key Accountability workshops to design key roles for MadTree’s future state.


“I thought getting clarity of our organization’s design and the roles we needed was going to be the hard part. It was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be. I chalk that up to ALINITI’s effectiveness at running the workshops. We now know exactly what our organization needs to look like to achieve our goals”. Brady Duncan, MadTree co-founder.

Most small businesses organize out of necessity not strategy.

MadTree is growing with purpose. They knew that structuring as they had done for the past 7 years was not going to support the successful execution of their new strategy. Previously they had filled the gaps as they grew, but now they needed to take a step back and look at their organization objectively. They needed a fresh set of eyes.

“We were recommended to ALINITI by our strategic planning consultant. ALINITI gets recommended by just about everyone. I’m also in the Vistage Network, and literally every person throws their name out” explained Brady.

The process was simple.

To begin the engagement all leadership team members completed ALINITI’s Organizational Design Survey, which serves as the foundation in aligning the organization to their strategy and operating plans. The insights gathered from the survey are critically evaluated and presented to the group for discussion.

During the 2-day session, the team was able to break down their current structure and rebuild it to one that would work for them long into the future. In addition, reporting relationships were established based on how team members must work together internally and with customers to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives.

“Their process is simple. The way they lead the session with questioning helps frame-up the conversations and got people bought into the process. It really surprised me how far we got in such a short amount of time and we came out of it with very clear action steps. It was just a very easy, simple process” continued Brady.

Establishing key accountabilities brought clarity to new roles.

To further support the team, ALINITI conducted its unique Key Accountability process for a key position in the organization’s new structure. This process brought clarity to the new role and established critical goals they would be accountable for moving forward. More detailed interpersonal, operational, and organizational responsibilities were also outlined to ensure clarity about how the individual will ultimately achieve success.

“For growing companies who want to be more professionally managed and want to create a brand, this work is extremely valuable. I would absolutely recommend this process to any company dealing with structure challenges” concluded Brady.