Justin Conger

Justin Conger

CEO, Conger Construction Group

Handling strategic HR and recruitment, to support long-term goals and big-picture visions.


Conger Construction Group is a second-generation company that has been in business for over 25 years and constructs commercial facilities. Conger Construction Group has about 47 full-time employees and is based in Lebanon, OH. Conger Construction Group has been an Aliniti client since 2016.


Conger engaged Aliniti in 2016 because they were growing and wanted assistance with role design and the creation and implementation of a performance management process that ensured the right employees were in the right roles where they could perform at their best

After their initial engagement, Conger’s leadership team realized that Aliniti could also help their company by handling ongoing HR and recruitment functions, enabling Conger to focus on long-term goals and big-picture visions. As Conger grows, so has its relationship with Aliniti, and now Aliniti acts as Conger’s HR division, making it possible for Conger’s management staff to shift their focus to continuing growth and performance, knowing that Aliniti can handle its complex needs.


Aliniti helped design roles, implemented a performance management process, and conducted interviews. Aliniti also helped Conger build their recruitment process to extend to local colleges to recruit students. As Conger’s needs changed, Aliniti transitioned to a more integral role to help them meet their needs by assisting with management, advising, improving employee communication, and helping the team meet project retention goals. Aliniti also found and successfully recruited a director of construction operations for Conger. Aliniti became a facet of the Conger team and made it possible for Conger to not only retain valuable employees, but to focus on larger goals to continue their growth and double in company size. Aliniti became such an important part of the Conger team, that a Aliniti advisor works part time out of a dedicated office at Conger.

To help Conger, our solutions included:

  • Designed and benchmarked roles and implemented performance management process
  • Provided guidance to support each type of employee (non-exempt, full-time, etc.)
  • Provided support to managers in executing performance management procedure
  • Created and managed the recruitment process, including vetting resumes, simple staffing, and providing appropriate candidates to management
  • Built recruitment co-op program with local colleges to recruit students and future talent
  • Assisted with interviewing key people for a variety of roles
  • Streamlined the onboarding process to make sure that every new hire has the proper tools for success
  • Participated in strategic mapping and success measurement
  • Facilitated leadership workshops to empower management
  • Provided one-on-one communication with employees and leadership to alleviate animosity
  • Acted as a liaison for employees and management to create coaching opportunities for employee retention
  • Handled smaller tasks so that the management could focus on growth, making it possible for Conger employment to double.


“Since working with Aliniti we have doubled employment numbers and tripled our top-line revenue. We kept bringing Aliniti along because they helped facilitate growth,” said Justin Conger, CEO of Conger Construction Group.

Conger’s relationship with Aliniti grew and blossomed into facilitating the ongoing blocking and tackling of HR. “As a small business president, I was wearing multiple hats and doing lots of things so I could shed a lot of HR responsibilities,” Conger said.